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Better cash.

Cash investing should be simple without compromising on risk or performance.  Every basis point matters.

About us

Our vision

Cash investing should be simple without compromising on risk or performance.


transact1 brings together smart technology, deep industry experience and a connected community of market participants to reduce costs, admin and improve performance.


Different to many fintech providers, transact1 goes the extra mile by combining technology with personal interaction.


Every basis point matters.

About Us
Smart technology

Our powerful technology streamlines high-touch, time consuming processes, freeing you to focus on what can’t be optimised through automation.

Strong track record

We serve as the fintech partner for institutional cash market participants to stay ahead of the competition. In operation since 2017 and over $3bn in funds on platform, we've consistently helped our clients to improve their cash return rankings and reduce operational workload.

Flexible service

Choose the level of support that’s right for you and your team. Choose full self-service SaaS, cash implementation arrangements, or something in-between, our service is flexible and bespoke. 

Cash investments

Transact1 platform and services provide flexibility for managing cash investments via the following solutions:

- Direct Term Deposits

- Bespoke Cash Investment Mandates

- Wealth Cash Income Fund

What we do

What we do

Better together

We seek to maximise the potential for all participants by creating more efficient institutional cash investment ecosystem. We know that our growth will translate directly into better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Better ways

Leveraging smart technology, we are driven to explore if there's a better way to do things. It begins with understanding our clients’ challenges and priorities. We aspire to do things differently, to move beyond the norm and offer more than is expected.

Better performance

Driven by the high expectations of performance that our clients live by, we know that the ultimate test is their performance against other cash options. We value the role transparency plays in making comparability possible. 

Contact us

Terrace 3,
249 Coronation Drive
Milton QLD

07 3506 0069 

Thank you. We will be in contact shortly.

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